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Passionate About Inspiring Others


I'm certain our paths crossed for a reason. Let me tell you a little bit about who I am and how I got here.


Years ago, when my 2 children were very young, I freaked out. Like, I got so anxious I could hardly function. It interfered with every part of my being, from my parenting to my social life to my core sense of self. Eventually I sought help. And slowly I regained my self. Looking back it seems obvious: my children are 14 months apart, neither one was a particularly good sleeper and so for literally years on end, I had not gotten deep, uninterrupted sleep. And my body cried out for help for adrenal fatigue with an anxiety that could not be ignored. 


Whatever it is your body is crying out for that can not be ignored, the first part of either healing or moving forward from a stuck place is to be able to voice your struggle. Deep listening is the first gift I have to offer you.

Through my work here I have so many other gifts and tools to offer you that I have discovered along the way.

An Interview about what I do

My Tools

(a few of)

Holistic Coaching

My approach to health and anxiety coaching puts your experience at the center. As I learn your story and your unique goals, dreams and challenges, I help you create a path forward toward your vision for yourself. This vision most likely will not be just about your physical self, but a more complete picture of how you want your whole life to look and feel.  I offer tools, recipes, encouragement and accountability (and hopefully joy and laughter along the way).


Reiki means "universal life force." It is a form of energy healing that can be done in person or at a distance. In a session I focus on bringing your system back into balance based on what you share with me as well as what I observe energetically. It has profound effects on both your physical self and your emotional experience. The most common experience clients report is a deep sense of relaxation and feeling "more like themself".


For a more detailed explanation click here.


  • I have a Reiki Level 3 Master Certification, offering both distance and in-person sessions, reiki certification classes and group reiki experiences.

  • I am a Certified Health Coach, with an education from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.


  • I've been educating about essential oils for over 9 years. I offer one-on-one appointments, classes and webinars.

Essential Oil Wisdom

Essential oils truly are a gift from the earth. The way they interact with our body, mind and spirit encourages our body to do what it was designed to do - seek balance. Without unintended side affects and LOTS of what I like to call "side benefits," essential oils are a beautiful tool to explore for your health, on their own or in combination with my other offerings.

Guided Meditation

Meditation has a whole host of benefits to our mind, body and spirit. It has the power to heal many of our physical ailments and still the anxious, overburdened mind. But sometimes sitting alone with our thoughts can feel like the opposite of healing. THAT'S where a guided meditation is perfect, walking you along a path that helps to ease your particular stressors. Each one I create is specific to the individual.

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