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Tropical Flower
Tropical Flower


Mari listens intently, supportively and nonjudgementally. She selects a tool from a vast arsenal of techniques that may help with an issue I've brought up and helps me begin a journey with that tool to see if it's for me.

Mari is wise, open and understanding, as well as a beacon of gentle light which allowed me to really open up and be gentle with myself as we approached difficult topics.


I thank God everyday that I found Mari - from our first initial call I knew I wanted to work with her because I felt heard, validated and most importantly safe .. my health anxiety has improved tremendously since starting with her. I look forward to our sessions because I always leave feeling lighter stronger and like I'm ready to take on the world. If you're looking for help with your anxiety I promise you she is the right person to go to. For YEARS I have suffered from this overwhelming anxiety feeling like I was just in survival mode and for the first time in forever I feel like I'm actually living and that I can beat this monster...Im really starting to feel like I'm okay and that things are okay. I would give her 20 out of 10!


It was a delight to work with her, discovering and uncovering issues and solutions together. I loved the positive, empathetic, solution-oriented approach. Mari brings an incredible energy and spirit to her work and her life. The work we did together keeps resonating in my life and my work many months after our final meeting.


Mari's energy is grounding to be around. I would describe her coaching as being a midwife of mental and emotional health. She is truly a gifted coach and companion through what can be a painful, isolating, and debilitating journey. But with her help you can learn ways to travel lighter.

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